At a time when shareholder pressure and the ever-evolving corporate governance landscape have an increasing influence over board actions, it’s imperative to have an experienced partner to depend on for comprehensive strategic advice and adept communications skills. That’s why D.F. King, an Equiniti company, offers a full suite of proxy solutions that can help deliver favorable vote outcomes and keep your board apprised of latest trends to keep positive momentum intact.


Activist Defense & Analytics Services

D.F. King provides critical advice and analysis to public companies faced with an activist situation, including strategic advice on the timing and content of the engagement with an activist, as well as preparation sessions for meetings with institutional investors. We create a full report on the activist history, past actions and tactics used, and success rates, in addition to a comprehensive shareholder profile analysis and vulnerability analysis for the company.

Annual & Special Meeting Proxy Solicitation Services

We provide board-quality advice and logistical support to ensure that your stockholder meeting is a success. Whether you need a strategic review of your disclosure or to mobilize a campaign to increase participation and maximize support for the company, we apply the most professional, relentless program to help you achieve your goals.

Contested Proxy Solicitation

When faced with a potential proxy contest, it is vitally important for a company to have a strategic and experienced partner in place with vast resources to execute a comprehensive response plan. We understand the implications a proxy contest can have on your company, and we work tirelessly to maximize all opportunities and mitigate all challenges. Drawing from our deep experience, we create a detailed strategy and manage the proxy campaign to create successful outcomes.

Our Difference


D.F. King leads the industry in corporate proxy services capabilities. With over 70 years of experience offering proxy solutions, we have successfully managed some of the most complex solicitations and communication challenges in our time. Our clients rely on us for high-level, experience-based insight and guidance, and customized solutions that meet their unique needs.


Technology drives every corporate proxy solution, so customers can rely on the highest levels of data security and the most efficient approach to managing their solicitation. With a proprietary technology platform, our clients receive best-in-class solutions based on the combination of experienced strategic advice supported by state-of the-art technology And by integrating technology into our operations, our professionals spend more time focusing on delivering personalized industry-leading service.

AST technology drives Corporate Proxy Services


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"Proxy is more of a consultation process, because it depends on what you’re asking shareholders to approve. There’s much more analysis and strategy there."

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