Does your private company have a partner you trust to provide guidance and help ensure you are on the right track? Someone who understands your business and knows the path you want to follow for future growth? AST has been that partner for companies for over 40 years. We work directly with you to offer private company services and guidance throughout the entire company lifecycle. We offer support during the private stage, help you transition during the IPO-planning period, and then act as a full partner to your public company.

Our expertise and technology-driven capabilities allow us to manage a wide range of plan types including:

  • Restricted Securities
  • Stock Issuances
  • Pre-IPO Coordination
  • Stock Options
  • Equity Plan Administration

Private companies have the same needs for well-managed records, participant correspondence, and compliance as publicly held corporations. Yet, many private companies underestimate the complexities of these functions and do not dedicate adequate resources to ensuring proper management. This can cost the company more in the long run, especially if the company decides to go public. AST offers highly scalable private company service options to help companies manage these important functions. Whether a business is a privately held entity or a post-IPO corporation, AST can customize the right strategy.