For over 45 years, businesses have partnered with AST for critical stock transfer agent services and strategic direction for corporate growth and shareholder engagement. We build relationships that help us truly understand your business, and develop customized stock transfer solutions based on our clients’ unique needs. With AST on your team, you can be confident of streamlined efficiency and steady, forward progress.

AST gives users on-demand access to their company’s street and registered data.* For the first time ever, see the full picture of your ownership with a single click.

Issuer Central® is an easy-to-use, online platform that delivers powerful analytics and key insights, such as peer and historical trends, as well as reporting capabilities. With Issuer Central, your team can take your ownership insights one step further to make more informed decisions and drive your company forward. For more information, click here.

*Registered data integration requires transfer agent services from AST.


Transfer Agency & Registrar Services

At AST, we serve as your strategic partner, adding value through high-level consultative services and integrated execution of stock transfer agent services including complete share registry management, compliance risk reduction, and shareholder engagement.

Dividend Disbursement & Reinvestment Services

Dividend disbursement means more than just providing your shareholders with a cash return on their investments. AST can help you use investment plan programs as a valuable way to strengthen shareholder loyalty while gaining a significant source of recurring capital for your firm through a direct purchase or dividend reinvestment plan.

Capital Raising Services

The capital raising process requires a reliable partner who will ensure that no detail is overlooked, and who will oversee all administrative services associated with the process. Learn more about our extensive experience and capabilities with IPO, SPAC, Direct Listing, or Regulation A services.

Consulting & Support

AST provides Private Company Services and support to our customers throughout the development of their companies, offering guidance and support during the private stage and IPO planning process, and continuing to serve as a trusted partner once the company has gone public.

Investor Services

AST is focused on shareholder experience and education. If you have received proceeds from a sale or transaction, you may want to learn more about financial health and investment services.

Our Difference


AST has distinguished itself within the transfer agent industry through our innovative, customer-driven service options. We offer customized solutions and dedicated relationship management teams to meet your unique needs, a consultative approach that guides you on compliance and other risks, stringent controls over data through technical security, innovative tech tools on a customized platform, a staff with decades of experience, and a dedication to building real relationships.



Technology drives every AST solution, so customers can rely on the highest levels of data security and the most efficient approach to managing their business. With a proprietary technology platform and front-end web interfaces, our clients always have access to and control over their data. And by integrating technology into our operations, AST teams spend more time focusing on improving levels of service, including more personalized interactions with your shareholders.

AST technology drives Transfer Agent Services



Transactions Processed Yearly
  • Serve more issuers than either the NYSE and NASDAQ
  • Over 40% IPO win rate in the marketplace
  • Coordination oversight of over 2,300 annual meetings
  • Serve more than 60% of listed business development companies
  • Service provided to 25% of registered closed-end funds
  • Processing of 1.1 million transactions for shareholders each year
  • Processing of 1.5 million shareholder contacts across North America, via telephone and correspondence
  • Support 1.2 million plan participants in over 150 countries

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Our Experts

Our team brings the expertise, passion, and experience you’ll need to meet your goals. We look forward to meeting you, and to working together.

“AST did an amazing job with the conversion, we safely hit the ground running and I’m thrilled with the change. Having been through three conversions, this was the easiest and I would not hesitate to encourage a prospective client who may be intimidated by the process.”

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