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Transaction Number: {{SearchDataDwac.data[0].tnum}} has matched via the AST automated system with instructions from our client. Please review the detailed information below. Please allow for two hours after the automatic match for AST auditing and review processes.

This DWAC is pending broker request at AST. If the broker has requested these shares, please check the following to determine why the shares have not been delivered:

  • Is the number of shares, cusip and participant numbers correct? Does the broker request on DTC match the information below?
  • Did the broker request the shares with the ten digit control number entered as the first items in the 'Comments' section of the DTC screen?

If you are still unsure why AST has not delivered the shares, please contact us at (718) 921-8257. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Thank you for using the American Stock Transfer online DWAC research program.

AST does not currently show matching instructions for this transaction number. This will occur if:

  • The client has not yet given us instructions through our website to deliver these shares. Please check with the Company to ensure that they have given us instructions more than one hour ago. If they have not, request that they submit a proper authorization to American Stock Transfer & Trust Company referencing this transaction number. They must submit this request through our dedicated internet site.
  • The client's instructions referenced a different transaction number. Please check with them to ensure that the transaction number you are researching matches that of the Client.

In the event that neither of the above is correct, please contact our Legal Department at (718) 921-8257. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

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