A business considering a corporate restructuring needs a strategic partner who can offer guidance and manage all administrative functions. Donlin, Recano & Company, Inc. (Donlin Recano), an Equiniti company, has the expertise and comprehensive case management and consulting services to assist corporations every step of the way. With services including claims administration, file preparation, noticing, balloting, tabulation, debt issuer, and disbursement services, our clients know that we will be able to assist with all aspect of the restructuring process.


Corporations & Businesses

At Donlin Recano, crisis planning for companies begins long before a strategy needs to be activated. We have the experience and scope of services to navigate the uncertainty of a mission critical situation.

Public & Government Entities

Every crisis deserves an immediate and comprehensive solution, especially in the public sector. Through secure data, crisis communications capabilities and a consultative approach, we enable leaders to respond quickly to challenges and unexpected events.

Our Difference


Leveraging our technology, experience and unique mission critical communications infrastructure, our teams are uniquely poised to deliver personalized, rapid responses to every situation. We stand apart from our competitors in our ability to mitigate risk and keep your private or public entity moving forward. Our comprehensive mission critical services provide an “always on” approach to crisis communications, including: hand delivery, private aircraft, worldwide in-person investor outreach, contested meeting projections, armed couriers and services to enable immediate response and ultimate flexibility.



AST’s robust tech infrastructure and platform enable our teams to build and deploy applications on demand, including mobile and tablet apps, websites, and desktop applications that integrate with your databases.

We also offer customized tools to streamline your mission critical communications and operations. Our Claim Reconciliation Platform provides our clients and their advisors with a centralized, secure, web-based tool through which to extract, review, annotate, and designate for treatment any claim or group of claims. Our DocuLinks™ tool offers customized solutions for confidential, on-demand access to secure data and documents; these virtual data room services are maintained in state-of-the art data centers that are monitored 24/7/365, and can be tailored to meet each client's’ specific security needs.

AST technology drives Mission Critical Services

By the Numbers


  • Reviewed and indexed over 15,000 contracts in 7 days for a global media company
  • Administered a precedent-setting "one-day" prepackaged bankruptcy that resulted in the acquisition of the company by a private equity firm
  • Fielded 800,000 calls, both inbound and outbound, while representing an asset management company in defense of a going-private transaction
  • Effectuated a chapter 11 bankruptcy plan solicitation in a 3-day turnaround timeframe for 110K creditors with producing over 120K CD-Roms
  • Made 42,000 calls to and from 3,000 member banks to solicit consents for a major credit card company's complex restructuring
  • Supports over 60 languages for inbound and outbound campaigns throughout call center

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