A business considering a corporate restructuring needs a strategic partner who can offer guidance and manage all administrative functions. Donlin, Recano & Company, Inc. (Donlin Recano), an Equiniti company, has the expertise and comprehensive case management and consulting services to assist corporations every step of the way. With services including claims administration, file preparation, noticing, balloting, tabulation, debt issuer, and disbursement services, our clients know that we will be able to assist with all aspects of the restructuring process.

Active Case Central

Review all active restructuring cases, and access documentation on each matter.


Claims Administrative Services

Our corporate restructuring services help ease the burden of bankruptcy claims with a technology-based solution that ensures management of all administrative tasks, including document generation, compliance mandates, and creation of a case-specific website.

Noticing Services

Clients count on Donlin Recano for flawless, timely noticing services. Our production and distribution capabilities ensure that all required notices and pleadings meet your company’s specific filing needs. We also provide a customized crisis communication plan to meet all public notice requirements and ensure stakeholders have all relevant information.

Schedules & Statement Preparation

Debtor companies face numerous administrative responsibilities that can test the limits of even the best-managed companies. Powered by a proprietary technology platform, we oversee the collection, and provide analysis of all required information to ensure on-time and accurate statement and schedules preparation.

Balloting, Solicitation & Tabulation Services

Donlin Recano works with each client to customize an effective plan solicitation process. Through our services, clients benefit from our decades of experience, deep relationships within the custodian, bank and proxy agent communities, and proprietary balloting software.

Debt Issuer Services

Donlin Recano plays a vital role in identifying and interacting with debt holders on our clients’ behalf. We offer guidance on deal structuring and perform critical information, consent, tender, exchange, and tabulation agent services in order to maximize investor participation.

Disbursement Services

Our team of experts provides accurate and timely disbursement of restructuring proceeds to creditors. We work with each client to develop a customized disbursement process that ensures efficiency, and mitigates the potential for complaints or challenges.

Strategic Communications

Our team of prominent communications professionals craft and execute sophisticated strategic communications campaigns in support of legal and financial transactions. We provide tailored solutions that address each client’s situation and goals via pointed messaging directed at the spectrum of external and internal constituents.

Our Difference


Our corporate Restructuring Services guarantee the highest standards of quality, responsiveness and personalized service. Each client has a dedicated point of contact who understands the nuances and related challenges to restructuring events. We customize a solution to meet your specific needs, and every part of that plan is managed by our own resources – we do not outsource any aspect of our work. We understand communication is key and offer comprehensive call center and crisis communications support to deal with employees, vendors, creditors and customers.


Technology drives every solution, providing our clients the highest levels of data security and the most efficient approach to managing their projects. With a proprietary technology platform including a mobile (iPhone) app, our clients always have access to, and control over, their data. The integration of technology into our operations allows our teams to focus on providing personalized levels of service designed specifically to each client.

AST technology drives Corporate Restructuring Services


Thought Leadership

Our Experts

Our restructuring services team brings the expertise, passion and experience you’ll need to meet your goals.  We look forward to meeting you, and to working together.

"We couldn’t be more pleased with the assistance we received from the Donlin Recano team. We needed immediate guidance as we entered a restructuring event and the team handled the entire transaction in an organized and timely manner. Their dedication and expertise was appreciated during a critical time for our corporation."

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