Today’s corporations must contend with increased scrutiny on performance, an increase in shareholder activism, the influence of proxy advisory firms, and different strategies and perspectives of a diverse group of investors. Management teams need keen analytical skills and the ability to organize the execution of a strategic communications program to put forth the company’s message and platform. At D.F. King, we offer Activist Defense and Analytics Services, including corporate governance consulting, extraordinary proxy solicitation and shareholder activism, traditional stock surveillance and institutional targeting.

D.F. King serves as the crucial conduit between a corporation and its institutional investors that can increase participation and maximize a positive vote outcome. Our extensive knowledge of the proxy voting guidelines of major investors and the proxy advisory firm governance policies enables us to accurately anticipate any issues that may affect our clients. In the event that our client faces institutional resistance or a proxy advisory firm issues an adverse recommendation, we immediately work to determine potential options to campaign for support of the client’s position.