Escrow services play a vital role in AST’s collaborative approach to helping companies develop and execute their growth strategies. Whether you need results from a merger or acquisition, cash management, capital raising, infrastructure investment, or any other type of transaction, AST will work to maximize your returns and establish escrow accounts that achieve your goals and drive your company forward.

In providing escrow services, maintaining neutrality is essential to gaining the trust and confidence of all parties; each party must feel represented, with no surprises or perceptions of unfair treatment. For this reason, AST is a preferred provider of escrow services. Our deep experience makes us uniquely qualified to understand and administer every detail of your escrow-related transaction.

Just as no two investment strategies are the same, neither are the terms of the escrow accounts established to support those strategies. While many of our competitors take a “one size fits all” approach to escrow services, AST understands the need to customize a solution to fit the precise terms of each investment.  

We maintain a team of professionals who will quickly review the details of your pending transaction, and offer a rapid escrow solution. This allows you to close on your deal faster, and eliminates any worries about unanticipated delays. Our solutions will always offer the flexibility you need, and our experience ensures that every detail is considered.

With AST as your partner, your company can pursue a wide range of investment plan opportunities, knowing that any need for escrow services will be managed with superb efficiency and held to the highest standards.