Corporate actions require intense planning, smart strategy, and attention to detail in order to be successful. Powered by our consultative teams and dynamic systems, we help drive favorable outcomes for a range of corporate actions, including the following:

  • Corporate actions resulting from a company’s decision to distribute cash and/or securities to its holders, including distributions and stock splits
  • Corporate actions that involve acting on the response or instructions from security holders, including offers to purchase, issuer bids, plan of arrangements, subscriptions (rights, installment receipts, etc.), and odd lot buy/sell
  • Corporate actions that involve processing securities when received from holders, including redemptions (mandatory), retractions, exchanges (mandatory), conversions (optional)

We take several measures to help ensure greater efficiencies and cost savings. First, we leverage an in-house team of specialists who work as an extension of your team for efficient communications. Plus, by integrating technology into our operations, our teams spend more time focusing on improving levels of service, including more personalized interactions with your security holders.