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Our innovative online calculator will help you plan and execute all of the required tasks for your annual meetings in a much easier manner.
The AST meeting planner identifies all the information we require to perform our responsibilities in mailing materials, tabulating results and scrutineering your meeting for both registered and non-registered investors.
To help ensure that mailings are done accurately and in a timely manner AST has created an Issuer Mailing Planner.
Please select an issuer from a list to access their consent form.
In accordance with securities regulation, shareholders can receive issuer financial statements upon request.
This searchable database contains a list of unclaimed assets for registered asset holders whose current or last known address is in the province of British Columbia.
Select an issuer from the list to obtain an issuer's website address, obtain a stock quote, and more.
Select an issuer to access their corporate actions forms.
View a list of dividend reinvestment plans administered by AST and click one of the company names to view the plan description and related materials.
Register for Investor Central for convenient online access to information about your securities holdings.
Use this secure, online inquiry form to contact AST if we are the transfer agent for securities you hold.
If you already receive electronic documents from a AST issuer client, please complete the form and click on the submit button to change the email address on your shareholder/security holder account.
Please complete the form and click on the submit button to change the address on your shareholder/security holder account.
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