A growing number of North American companies are adopting new growth strategies to take advantage of opportunities in debt capital markets. Some companies’ strategies require bond tenders, consent solicitation, and other dependent transactions. Other companies are attracting new investors and nurturing existing relationships by creating fixed income investor relations teams. In either case, bondholder identification is the first vital step to communicating with bondholders.

We assist clients through our extensive bondholder identification capabilities. With our unmatched access to search and location methodologies, we produce a high rate of successful identifications. Plus, we are persistent in our efforts of pursuing each identification until we’ve obtained definitive proof of outcome.

Specifically, we identify bondholders on two levels. First, we identify the type of investor who currently owns the bond in question, giving insight into how much of the par value of the bond is held by institutional investors, insurance companies, hedge funds, and retail investors, among other groups. This information is vital for gauging the bonds' potential volatility and for planning effective investor outreach programs. Second, we identify the institutional investors and the underlying funds that comprise their positions. By learning the names of the investors, you’ll know precisely which investors favour your bonds.

Bondholder identification is a critical component in any bond transaction, consent solicitation, tender and exchange offer, or complex debt restructuring. We ensure comprehensive management of all dependent transactions, with complete visibility into every aspect of the transaction so that your company can continue to move forward.