Information is king in today’s highly competitive, fast-paced business environment. Through our ownership intelligence services, AST provides clients with the tools they need to maximize both their marketplace experience and partnerships with key investors. Clients gain 360-degree visibility into all issues affecting their businesses through our corporate finance consulting and customized research and analysis.


Capital Markets Consulting

Before your company can engage with investors, you need the capital market intelligence to know who they are. AST helps clients identify and understand their stakeholders as a way to build relationships and generate support for future initiatives.

Regulatory Compliance Certification

AST enables companies to access required regulatory tax information, making a highly challenging process much easier. By drilling down to determine shareholder identities, we take the critical step in ensuring full regulatory compliance.

Credit Markets Intelligence

By identifying its bondholders, a company is better positioned for lower borrowing costs and monitoring secondary market activity. Through identification reports and outreach programs, we provide clients with vital information for potential buybacks, exchanges, and debt restructurings.

Bondholder Identification

Identifying bondholders and initiating contact can be a challenge. D.F. King, an AST Company, gives you access to industry-leading bondholder identification and communication services. From initial identification, to helping with all associated transactions, we’ll help you build the relationships that drive progress.

Our Difference


We stand alone in our ability to provide robust investor intelligence. Tailoring our services to provide the information each client needs most, our highly experienced team of professionals boasts an average of fifteen years spent working in the industry. None of our competitors can match AST’s breadth of resources, access to information, or commitment to personalized service.



Technology drives every AST solution, so customers can rely on the highest levels of data security and the most efficient approach to managing their business. With a proprietary technology platform and front-end web interfaces, our clients always have access to and control over their data. And by integrating technology into our operations, AST teams spend more time focusing on improving levels of service, including more personalized interactions with your shareholders.

AST technology for Ownership Intelligence Services

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