Successful corporate actions don’t just happen. They require intense planning, smart strategy, and attention to detail. At AST, we have experience and comprehensive services for a range of corporate actions, including the following:

  • Corporate actions resulting from a company’s decision to distribute cash and/or securities to its holders, including distributions and stock splits
  • Corporate actions that involve acting on the response or instructions from securityholders, including offers to purchase, issuer bids, plans of arrangements, subscriptions (rights, installment receipts, etc.), and odd lot buy/sell
  • Corporate actions that involve processing securities when received from holders, including redemptions (mandatory), retractions, exchanges (mandatory), conversions (optional)

By providing corporate actions services through our in-house team of specialists, we ensure greater efficiencies and cost savings.


Exchange Agent Services

We work with each client to develop a customized exchange program and use our proprietary technology platform to ensure meticulous recordkeeping and access to historical data for post-acquisition stock reconciliations.

Paying Agent Services

We offer highly automated solutions that guarantee efficiency and maximize securityholder convenience. Our work continues until all shares have been exchanged so that you can focus on higher priorities.

Depositary Agent Services

We advise our clients during the planning and execution phases of offers, developing a technology-based strategy to yield a high participation rate and ensure a successful transaction.

Voluntary Offers

Through our voluntary offer services, AST corporate actions service have assisted clients in mapping out a strategic plan and communications strategy for over 40 years in North America.

Our Difference


We understand that attention to detail is critical to every successful corporate action, and at AST, no detail is too small. Through our consultative approach, we provide detailed insight into each client’s processes and priorities and use that information to develop a unique solution. Through our corporate actions service – which leverages our proprietary technology applications, our team of in-house professionals, and our commitment to customer service – we drive successful outcomes for our clients, helping them move their companies on to the next stage.



Technology drives every AST solution, so customers can rely on the highest levels of data security and the most efficient and dynamic approach to managing their business. With a proprietary technology platform and front-end web interfaces, our clients always have access to and control over their data. By integrating technology into our operations, AST teams spend more time focusing on improving levels of service, including more personalized interactions with your securityholders.

AST technology for Corporate Actions Services

Our Experts

Our team brings the expertise, passion, and experience you’ll need to meet your goals. We look forward to meeting you, and to working together.

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