Acting as your information agent, D.F. King, an AST Company, delivers timely, accurate communications to all stakeholders. We are experts in advising companies in a range of investor communication challenges, such as tender and exchange offers, Dutch auctions, and rights offerings. In combination with a high-level approach and keen analytical abilities, this expertise provides you with the understanding and strategy to communicate effectively with your investors and to maximize results.


Tender Offers

We understand the effect an announced offer can have on your investor base. By conducting strategic analyses and making key recommendations, we help clients maximize results in their favour and project likely outcomes. We develop a comprehensive communication and mobilization strategy to alert investors to a recommended course of action. Pulling from years of experience, we deliver robust communications strategies, board-quality reports and analysis, and critical advisement to our clients.

Dutch Auctions

Dutch auctions can be effective tools in helping a company establish a fair market price for its share repurchase plans. Integral to any successful Dutch auction, however, is an overarching strategy that takes into account all market variables, along with a comprehensive plan for communicating with key stakeholders. Our information agent service for Dutch auctions provides critical insight and counsel to companies as they move through the transaction process.

Rights Offerings

Rights offerings provide an important way for companies to raise capital from existing investors. D.F. King serves as an advisor to companies considering a rights offering, counseling clients through the entire process. We provide experience-based guidance and insight throughout the planning stage and help develop a comprehensive investor communications and outreach strategy.

Bond Solicitation

Through deep experience and by leveraging long-established intermediary relationships, D.F. King helps you identify, understand, and contact your bondholders. With a comprehensive list of your bondholders in hand, your company is positioned with the right tools to involve your bondholders in debt restructurings and other transactions.

Our Difference


D.F. King’s unique combination of experience and analytical capabilities sets us apart from our competitors. Averaging over 20 years of experience, our seasoned team of professionals offers a deep understanding of M&A transactions as well as extensive institutional relationships with key decision makers, such as arbitrageurs, hedge funds, and other event-driven investors. Our highly analytical approach provides our clients with board-quality reports and analyses. By undergoing a full analysis of each client’s investor base and transaction, we craft swift, effective communications strategies and position our clients for success.



Technology drives every D.F. King solution, so customers can rely on the highest levels of data security and the most efficient approach to managing their strategic transactions. Through our proprietary technology platform and front-end web interfaces, we provide clients with constant access to, and control over, their data. And by integrating technology into our operations, our professionals spend more time focusing on delivering personalized industry-leading service.

AST technology drives Information Agent Services

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