As the best practices in corporate governance and the regulatory environment evolve, we proactively provide the critical information necessary to stay informed and mitigate any potential concerns. At D.F. King, an AST Company, we leverage our unique depth and diversity of experience to deliver high-level advisory, custom reports, and shareholder outreach and education strategies to each client.


Regulatory & Governance Advisory Services

Corporate boards rely on D.F. King for our governance expertise and insight into today’s culture of increased activism. Working directly with your company, we offer ongoing guidance and support to help you manage today’s ever-changing business and regulatory risks through our corporate governance consulting, targeted investor communications advisory, and vote projections capabilities.

Compensation Advisory Services

Corporate boards regularly find themselves in the crosshairs when placing executive compensation programs and incentive plans up for investor approval. Through our services, we provide high-level advisory that helps clients stay informed with current best practices in both structure and disclosure of executive pay, navigate the various pay-for-performance models of proxy advisory firms, and devise investor communication campaigns tailored to your company’s unique needs.

Our Difference


D.F. King has distinguished itself from other corporate governance advisory services through our highly experienced staff, dedicated research team, and uniquely proactive approach. Our team of experts averages twenty years spent in the industry, serving a high-profile client base that spans a number of industries. Through this knowledge and our analytical capabilities, we provide high-level advisory and proactive solutions for your corporate governance needs.



Technology drives every D.F. King solution, so customers can rely on the highest levels of data security and the most efficient approach to managing their business and regulatory risks. Through our proprietary technology platform and front-end web interfaces, we provide clients with constant access to, and control over, their data. And by integrating technology into our operations, our professionals spend more time focusing on delivering personalized, industry-leading service.

AST technology for Corporate Governance

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