Your company has worked hard to develop a smart and better strategy for growth and continued profitability. Essential to your success is ready access to the expertise necessary to ensure that proper capital is available when needed and to facilitate compliance and minimize risk. AST is proud to offer our expertise through our wide range of corporate trust services.


Escrow Agent Services

We offer complete escrow administration and investment management services to both public and private companies. As a full-service trust company, AST acts as a neutral third party, providing independent control over valued assets pending fulfillment of contractual obligations. From traditional to more complex arrangements, we have the expertise to establish escrow accounts that will meet your specific needs.

Debt Trusteeship Services

Integral to debt financing is a clearly delineated understanding of the terms of a transaction, including issuer obligations and compliance responsibilities. We ensure this level of understanding by providing trust and agency services for issuers of corporate debt securities. As your corporate trustee, we will monitor indenture covenants, administer default situations, and ensure that your debtholders receive equal and fair treatment.

Voting Trust Services

Whether you are a public company under a plan of arrangement or private company whose founders have chosen to establish a voting trust, it is important to select an experienced corporate trustee to carry out the associated duties. We are your preferred source of voting trust services. We provide safekeeping facilities for your voting certificates; we can communicate with your beneficial holders; and we will exercise voting rights as required.

Public Private Partnership Services

Public-private partnerships are a key part of the government’s strategy to provide affordable infrastructure that meets public needs. We offer a broad range of services for public-private partnership transactions. Our services include indenture trustee, insurance trustee, security agent, paying agent, and custodian.

Our Difference


Companies turn to AST for corporate trustee services because they know we have the experience and commitment necessary to drive their growth strategy. Companies know that with AST on their team, they will receive personalized service, customized solutions to support each strategy, and well-managed administrative and operational processes. AST has established itself as a leader in providing corporate trust services and collateral agent services, and for many companies, we are the preferred choice.

AST’s executive and corporate trust leaders collectively bring over 100 years of diverse experience and a long history of success. AST has distinguished itself as a leading provider of corporate trustee services by offering innovative customer-driven options, which include the following:

Dedicated Corporate Trust Relationship Team. AST maintains a relationship management group that works with each of our clients to ensure that the right resources are in place to deliver full service to each issuer and their debt holders.  Our relationship team members are highly experienced and have detailed knowledge of corporate trust practices as well as trust industry insight.   

Comprehensive Services.  Our premium services allow our clients to effectively manage budgets, stay ahead of regulatory changes, and meet investor demands.  Our extensive array of offerings – transfer agency, proxy solicitation, ownership intelligence, strategic advisory services, and employee plan services – provides clients access to a powerful suite of services.

Innovative Technology. We own 100% of the technology systems used to offer our extensive list of services.  We developed our proprietary systems with our clients in mind, which means we can offer high levels of flexibility to meet changing needs.  We assure high levels of data integrity and capability for maintaining historical data and transactional records.



We developed a proprietary technology platform and supporting software to meet our customers’ specific needs. Technology drives every AST solution, so customers can be assured of the highest levels of data security and the most efficient approach to managing their business.  

With technology changing so rapidly, we continually upgrade our systems, including our front-end web interfaces and software functionality.  Through these regular upgrades, we enhance user-friendliness and ensure clients have the technological capabilities they need.

Our clients have 24/7 access and full visibility into their accounts.

Servers housing Canadian issues are based in Canada.

AST technology for Corporate Trust Services


We are proud of our success story. We believe our innovative customized solutions help our customers meet their objectives, add value to their investor relationships, and set them on a path for future growth. Let the numbers speak for themselves:

We have more than $4.5 billion in assets under administration in Canada for some of the largest private and public corporations and government bodies.

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