The voting trust is most often used with closely held companies where it is deemed advisable to allow a trust company to vote the shares as a block. It is the trustee of the voting trust who is entitled to vote the shares held in the trust. Minority shareholders may find it advantageous to transfer the right to vote their shares of stock to a trust and appoint a voting trustee to act on their behalf for a time period contingent upon a certain event, or until the termination of the agreement. AST can help you execute all voting trust-related services, including the following:

  • Assistance in preparing terms of trust agreement  
  • Safekeeping of voting trust certificates
  • Preparation and timely mailing of notices to beneficial holders
  • Disbursement of dividends
  • Exercise of voting rights

We will work directly with you to understand your specific requirements in order to meet those objectives. AST offers customized service, attention to detail, and proven experience in executing the trustee’s role and responsibilities.