In an acquisition, your share or asset purchase agreement may require that the parties put a portion of the proceeds of the sale in escrow for a predetermined term.  For any number of reasons, people enter in conditional agreements that are not concluded until stated conditions are met. 

The nature of some business relationships or certain types of assets gives rise to a need for independent oversight of your escrow account by a neutral third party who understands the nature and requirements of escrow arrangements.  Clients can be confident that assets are secure and will be for the duration of the escrow period. For this reason, AST is a preferred provider of escrow services. Our skill and expertise make us uniquely qualified to understand and administer every detail of your escrow-related transaction, including our input in drafting your escrow agreement and producing transactional and monthly statements of your accounts.

A dedicated corporate trust officer, working with our technical and legal teams, will review the details of your pending escrow transaction and engage with your team to ensure a timely resolution of the transaction. AST offers the flexibility you need, and our experience ensures that every detail is considered.