Communication and awareness are critical to building support for voluntary offers. Security holders need to understand the proposed offer and know how to register their support. Through our voluntary offer services, AST Corporate Actions Services have assisted clients with these crucial needs for over 40 years in North America.

We work with each client to map out a strategic plan, including a timeline for achieving a successful outcome. Through our proprietary technology platform, we generate a security holder composition analysis, which allows us to identify stockholders and monitor changes in the stockholder base through the expiration of the offer.

We then initiate a communications strategy to ensure that all eligible holders are aware of the offer. This includes distribution of all materials and maintaining close communications to receive any feedback about the offer. Our deep experience and longtime relationships with investors allow us to identify shifts in ownership and analyze their settlement processes.

At the same time, we are in regular contact with our clients and their advisors, informing them about feedback to the offer and gauging the expected level of participation. Based on our findings, we help our clients make any necessary adjustments to the strategy in order to lock-in a desired outcome.

In addition to our comprehensive strategic counsel, our voluntary offer services have critical administrative functions, including the following:

  • Review of offer documents
  • Coordination of mailings
  • Call centre support
  • Depositary communications
  • DTC and CDS Distribution