While there may be many reasons why a securityholder’s account becomes inactive or lapsed, a company has a strong interest in helping securityholders update those accounts and recover their assets through a property ownership search. By helping securityholders search for unclaimed property, a company can avoid the costly and administrative unclaimed property compliance process. At the same time, a company can demonstrate that it values its securityholders and will work to protect their interests.

Through our Asset Reunification Services, AST is pleased to offer its Ownership Location Program exclusively to transfer agent clients. We work proactively with companies to prevent securityholders’ assets from reaching the point at which they are considered “abandoned” and subject to provincial or state escheatment mandates. In doing so, we not only help you better serve your securityholders, but we also help you avoid the high costs of unclaimed property compliance and reporting.

AST offers our ownership search service at no additional cost. As your partner, we recognize the importance of searching for unclaimed shares, and we are here to help you succeed. This is yet another way that AST’s attention to detail and strong sense of partnership set us apart from our competitors.