Knowing who your investors are and reuniting unclaimed funds with their rightful owners are fundamental corporate responsibilities. They are also extremely labour-intensive and time-consuming undertakings. This is why so many companies trust LINK Shareholder Services, LLC (LINK) for seamless management of their asset recovery processes. We are recovery specialists and offer a full menu of services, including abandoned property programs, post-merger cleanup, ownership location programs, and lost securityholder searches.


Abandoned Property Services

Abandoned property management is a mandatory function that all public companies must take on. Unfortunately, it is also extremely time-consuming and costly. AST will develop abandoned property solutions tailored to your needs to streamline the process, reducing both time and capital expenditures.

Post-Merger Cleanup

Your AST strategy will help clear the way so your company can focus on post-merger growth and begin to engage with securityholders about your new path forward.

Ownership Location Program

As your ownership location program partner, we recognize the importance of securityholder location and are committed to your success.

Lost Securityholder Searches

As your asset recovery services provider, AST will diligently identify and minimize risk, create a securityholder-friendly communication program, and implement cost-effective, streamlined solutions to help you put your time, money, and energy into moving your business forward.

Our Difference


Effective asset recovery can positively impact a company in two critical areas:

  1. By demonstrating to securityholders that they are valued parts of the organization, worthy of the time and resources expended to identify and locate them.
  2. By ensuring full compliance with all escheatment and unclaimed property statuettes, including flawless recordkeeping and paper-trail documentation.

With so much at stake, you don’t want to entrust the asset reunification function to just anyone. You need a transfer agent who understands not just “how” to get the job done as a quick one-off transaction but who is both capable of and willing to support your business throughout its lifecycle. This is why AST has been recognized as a leading asset reunification company, through our partners, for over 40 years.



Technology is at the root of every AST solution. We developed a proprietary technology platform to process all post-merger cleanups and capture recordkeeping updates. We partner with firms that specialize in data aggregation to assist in locating lost security holders and, when appropriate, their next of kin.

AST technology for Equity Plan Solutions

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