Who We Are

AST Trust Company (Canada)

AST Trust Company (Canada) is a tech-enabled, integrated, professional services firm that empowers companies and their stakeholders to achieve their goals through advisory, technology and flawless execution.


What We Offer

Issuer & Investor Services
Issuer & Investor Services at AST

We are your strategic partner for positive investor engagement, transfer agent excellence, control of essential ownership records, and employee plans.

Governance, Proxy & Ownership Services
Governance, Proxy & Ownership Services at AST

We assist corporations in obtaining and interpreting key investor information to enhance their engagement through our expertise in corporate governance, proxy solicitation, advisory services, credit markets intelligence and more.

Corporate Trust
Corporate Trust Services at AST

Experienced in both the technical and legal aspects of debt and fiduciary transactions, we have the deep expertise and flexibility necessary to meet the needs of specialized transactions and provide guidance in a changing field.

Structured Finance
Structured Financial Services at AST

As a federally-regulated trust company in Canada, we serve as an advisor to support all of our clients’ structured finance needs.


Solutions by Function


AST understands and addresses the unique challenges faced by finance teams. As your proactive advisor, we’ll help guide you through regulatory challenges while delivering the day-to-day service and operational support you need to ensure your company’s continued evolution. We are dedicated to supporting your organization’s progress and to helping you avoid obstacles along the way. Discover our solutions and start moving forward today.


To deliver essential corporate services like ownership recordkeeping and shareholder communications, corporate secretaries need a strong partner with the resources and experience to ensure that nothing stands in the way of their progress. AST offers the advisory, operations, and expertise to address a suite of needs, from flawless transfer agent and registrar services to IPO and ownership advisory. We believe in staying ahead of compliance and regulatory changes, in fostering positive relationships with shareholders, and in using technology and strategic acumen to drive decisions. Discover just some of what we can do together.


Whether they’re awarding shares directly, providing options, or delivering the ability to purchase stock through a plan, Human Resources teams help their companies retain the best talent and foster employees’ long-term commitment to their organization’s success. AST is equipped to support the goals of HR teams for both public and private organizations, and across even the most recently adopted equity products. Our tech-forward solutions serve both issuers and employees, and they are customized to your needs—whether you’re looking for a comprehensive, full-service solution to manage your plans or a simpler SaaS tool that puts you in the driver’s seat. See how we can help you get started.


Whether it’s a private company issuing its first IPO, issuing debt instruments, or securitizing its assets, or an established corporation handling an M&A event, successful corporate actions require dedicated operational support. For these matters, AST offers an integrated suite of services designed to help legal teams move their clients forward. Our expert staff, technology-driven solutions, and integrated communications framework enable us to work collaboratively with you, even when timing is tight. We can integrate registry and compliance advisory services into all of our solutions, and we have the infrastructure to quickly implement efficient processes that drive resolution. Best of all, our engagements are overseen by seasoned professionals who have been there, understand the pain points, and strive to prevent them.


Investor and Public Relations teams are responsible for managing essential corporate functions that can make or break investor affinity and public confidence. AST specializes in providing you with the support you need to better manage your corporate programs. With AST, you can be confident in the quality and delivery of shareholder and investor communications, including proxy solicitations and voting tabulation. Our team of experts can also help support rare and unexpected events, such as a hostile takeover or crisis situations. 


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