What Our Clients Are Saying

"Proxy is more of a consultation process, because it depends on what you're asking shareholders to approve. There's much more analysis and strategy there, and AST understands that."

AST Client, Corporate Proxy

"AST is currently soliciting a proxy for us. I haven’t gotten one shareholder complaint. That’s amazing. Everyone complains! There’s a nuance and AST’s style seems to be different and easier for shareholders to engage with."

AST Client, Mutual Fund Proxy

“AST did an amazing job with the conversion, we safely hit the ground running and I’m thrilled with the change. Having been through three conversions, this was the easiest and I would not hesitate to encourage a prospective client who may be intimidated by the process.”

AST Client, Transfer Agent Services

“I have worked with AST for well over six years now. I have never had a negative experience. Everyone we work with is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and thorough. Their responsiveness is greatly appreciated. I have received nothing but extraordinary service and I have developed a high opinion for the team that I work with.”

AST Client, Equity Plan Solutions

“I am impressed at how knowledgeable and patient AST’s employees are. Thank you for providing this service to shareholders.”

AST Client, Asset Reunification

"AST was very open; if we didn’t know something, we asked questions, and there was a lot of education going on during implementation. It went really smoothly, and we gained a lot from their willingness to share not only how they do it, but how competitors do things."

AST Client, Corporate Actions

“We have worked with AST for over 8 years and have never had anything but top of the line service, especially when we get into a tight spot and need them to go the extra mile for us. We wouldn't consider working with anyone else.”

AST Client, Corporate Trust Services

"I really feel like the personal touch is there. They come to me, they talk to me, they ask me about my family. I have relationships not just with my team, but with people much higher up. They make sure we’re happy." 

AST Client, Corporate Governance

“The Board report looks great! The information is so helpful in explaining how our stock has performed and our ownership base has changed. I look forward to next month’s report.”

AST Client, Ownership Intelligence

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Jane Smith, ABC Company